Maxime Marboeuf


Data Analyst and Tableau consultant

Kirigami - Freelance, In transit.

Jul. 2014 - present

Building and designing end-to-end BI projects across verticals. Design data pipeline, ETL, Manage Tableau server on scalabity, upgrades, user management, data extract management, jobs scheduling, performance monitoring and Dashboard development.

  • Stack Tableau Server, Desktop, Prep, Talend, API, Tableau Extension and WDC, Tableau JS API, Alteryx, ETL, Figma, tabcmd, SQL, GIS, Dashboard embed, mobile and responsive design
  • Sector Marketing agencies, manufacturing, SaaS, FarmTech, Clinical Research, Non profit, Real Estate, Mobile app, Finance
  • Digital marketing & E-commerce entrepreneur

    Kirigami, In transit.

    Dec. 2018 - June 2020

    I build and operate E-commerce websites in various niches such as fashion, jewelry, electronics and more.

  • Stack Tableau Online, Shopify, GA, Google ads, Facebook, Ads, Figma
  • Data Analyst

    United Nations OCHA, In transit.

    Sep. 2016 - June 2018

    Design and development of UNOCHA BI and visualisation services. UNOCHA organises and manages monetary contributions made by member states to the United Nations. I managed their Tableau Server deployment, collect client requirements, train country field team on Tableau and visual Analytics, maintain report documentation, set Tableau report best practices.

  • Stack Tableau server, Tableau Desktop, Talend, API, HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, SQL Server, GIS, Google Analytics
  • Sector Finance, Supply chain, HR, logistics, Web analytics
  • Data Analytics Manager

    SideChef, Shanghai, China.

    Nov 2014 - Aprl 2016

    Lead and build analytics, deliver analysis and reports to support marketing and product teams. Conception and monitoring of leading product and growth metrics. User behaviour analysis. Split and multivariante testings. Marketing, growth experiments and PPC.

  • Stack Tableau server, Tableau Desktop, SQL, Python, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely
  • Data Analyst

    Tableau Software, London, UK.

    Fev. 2012 - June. 2014

    Developing, building, and designing interactive data visualisation using Tableau's products in BI projects and with media newsrooms across Europe. Train and support journalists and NGO in information communication methods and Tableau public.

  • Stack Tableau server, Tableau Desktop, API, HTML, CSS
  • Co-founder, manager

    La vie en rose, London, UK.

    Aug. 2010 - Jav. 2012

    Set up and manage daily operation of the restaurant. Oversee interior design, communication and PR/Marketing. Recruit and manage team of 11.


    A highly motivated individual passionate about data analytics, storytelling, open data, technology, and media. Enjoys working with diverse, hard-working creatives who demonstrate passion toward their craft.


    Photography, biking and running, passionate people, good wine, conversation, data visualisation, jazz, technology, economics, animated gifs.


    University of Sud Toulon Var, France.

    Master Degree, Financial Macroeconomics & Development, University Honors, 2010

    Attended 2009 - 2010

    University School of Management, France.

    Master Degree, Corporate Finance & Business Performance

    Attended 2007 - 2009

    University School of Management, France.

    BA, Business Management

    Attended 2002 - 2006


    • Analytics/BI apps Tableau, IPython, Alteryx, Knime, Mapbox, Talend data Integration, QGIS
    • DB, EDW SQL Sever, PostgreSQL, MYSQL, Redshift, GCloud, AWS, BigQuery, Oracle
    • SaaS Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely
    • Languages SQL, Python, HTML, CSS
    • Python libraries Pandas, numpy, scipy
    • Development Spyder, Sublime text, Brackets
    • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom