Max Marboeuf is a data analyst, quantitative user researcher, apprentice photographer and avid traveller. He works on making Kirigami a great place to solve data problems. A fascination with storytelling, data visualisation and its potential with technology is what drives his curiosity and analytical mindset. His work history can be found on his résumé.

He lets his mind speaks on Twitter, stores images at playthenoise and Instagram, listens on Spotify and NetEase.

Born in France, raised in Provence, owned a restaurant for few years, he lived in London, UK for few years working at Tableau and with newsrooms building interactive data visualisations. He then headed to the big city called Shanghai where he worked to make SideChef a great product. Avid traveller, he sees the world as his home. Wanders cities with his camera, devores local treats several times a week, experiments with minimalism and the poursuit of less and treasures good conversations.

So, say hello.