I am a data analyst, quantitative user researcher, apprentice photographer and avid traveller. I work on making Kirigami a great place to solve data problems. A fascination with storytelling, data visualisation and its potential with technology is what drives my curiosity and analytical mindset. My work history can be found on my résumé.

I let my mind speaks on Twitter, stores images at playthenoise and Instagram, listens on Spotify and NetEase.

Born in France, raised in Provence, owned a restaurant for few years, I lived in London, UK for few years working at Tableau and with newsrooms building interactive data visualisations. I then headed to the big city called Shanghai where I worked to make SideChef a great product. I later worked as data analytics consultant in various industries as well as with UNOCHA. Avid traveller, I see the world as a home. Wander cities with my camera, devore local treats several times a week, experiments with minimalism and the poursuit of less and treasures good conversations.

So, say hello.